Welcome to Alternative Enterprises and The Spirit Of The Fire
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  If you've read anything at all about Alternative Enterprises and Spirit Of The Fire you would know we are the Kawartha's Oldest Family Owned and Operated Hearth Store and was Establish in 1976. We are a fair trade products store and have two locations to serve all your hearth needs.

About Hearth
In common historic and modern usage, a hearth (Har-th) is a brick- or stone-lined fireplace or oven used for cooking and/or heating. Because of its nature, in historic times the hearth was considered an integral part of a home, often its central or most important feature: its Latin name is focus. This concept has been generalized to refer to a homeplace or household, as in the terms "hearth and home" and "keep the home fires burning."
In fireplace and stove design, the hearth is often considered the visible elements of the fireplace or stove, with emphasis upon the floor level extension of masonry associated with the fireplace mantel.

Fireplace Accessories

We carry a wide variety of accessories including granite, mantels, chimneys, logs, and  more.


Outdoor Living

We carry a variety of outdoor living items including BBQ's, hammocks and much more.




Kitchen Cookstoves & Appliances 

We also carry lines of ranges, dish washers, refrigerators, microwaves, cookstoves, and more